High Risk Work Licence

Licence to Perform High Risk Work

Worker on forklift with supervisors in warehouse

Worker on forklift with supervisors in warehouse

Training and Assessment for the Licence to Perform High Risk Work is available through Chris Tierney Training and Hire Services.

TransTrain not taking any new enrolments for training and assessment for the Licence to Perform High Risk Work; but Chris was one of our long term trainers and assessors and is able to provide the training and assessment through his own arrangements now.

Contact Chris on 0411 249 969.

Links and Further Information

High Risk Work Licence Information – WorkSafe Tasmania information about about High Risk Work

Tasmanian High Risk Work Licence Guide –  WorkSafe Tasmania (1st January 2013 / GB101)

For more information about high risk work licensing, go to the WorkSafe Tasmania website at www.worksafe.tas.gov.au and search for ‘High Risk’.

Tasmanian Law and the Licence to Conduct High Risk Work

The Tasmanian Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 2012 specify the classes of high risk work and the conditions under which a person may conduct high risk work.

The Regulations specify the mandatory training that must be undertaken, through a Registered Training Organisation and against a Unit of Competency, before  a person may attempt the Licence to Conduct High Risk Work assessment.  Alternatively, an applicant may provide evidence that this training has occurred and request recognition of their prior learning.

Assessment Instruments are now established and are the same across Australia.  WorkSafe Tasmania is responsible for Accrediting and Registering Assessors who may conduct the assessments, under arrangements with Registered Training Organisations.

In establishing our Licence to Conduct High Risk Work training and assessment practices TransTrain worked closely with WorkSafe Tasmania.

A copy of the Regulations is available at www.thelaw.tas.gov.au and an extract, specific to Licence to Conduct High Risk Work, is available from TransTrain.

Requirement to be Licenced

Under the law in Tasmania effective from 1/1/2013, if you do not hold a current licence to conduct high risk work (or a valid Assessment Summary Interim Licence), then you cannot conduct high risk work, unless you are enrolled and have completed introductory training and are working under the supervision of a licenced operator.

It is no longer legal for an unlicensed person to be supervised by a licensed person in conducting a class of high risk work, UNLESS the unlicensed person is ALSO formally enrolled with a Registered Training Organisation AND completing training for the specified national unit of competency.

The penalty for individuals is up to $3600, and up to $18,000 for a body corporate.

Duty to Ensure Direct Supervision

Regulation 84 specifies the duty of a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to provide direct supervision .  A PCBU must ensure that a person supervising the work of a person carrying out high risk work whilst undergoing a formal program of training through a RTO provides direct supervision unless:

1  The nature or circumstances of a particular task make direct supervision impracticable or unnecessary; and

2  The reduced level of supervision will not place the health or safety of the supervised person or any other person at risk.

As a PCBU, how can I make sure everyone on site has the licence to Perform High Risk Work that they should have?

Regulation 85 specifies that a PCBU must not direct or allow a worker to carry out high risk work for which a high risk work licence is required unless the person sees written evidence provided by the worker that the worker has the relevant high risk work licence.  The regulation also specifies that the PCBU must see written evidence that any person supervising a person conducting high risk work under a training program holds the relevant  high risk work licence for that class of work.

This written evidence must be kept by the PCBU for at least one year after the high risk work is carried out, and for at least one year after the last occasion on which the worker performs the supervision work. Take a photocopy of the card, or record the details in a register and ensure this is kept up to date.

The penalty for individuals is up to $1250, and up to $6000 for a body corporate.

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