SLP – Fuel Terminal Access Program

SLP Safe Load Program – Driver ID Card Training

TransTrain provides the SLP Safe Load Program – ID Card Training for fuel tanker drivers who need to access fuel terminals for loading / unloading.  This program has been designed by the fuel industry to support the objective of excellence in tanker and driver compliance.

TransTrain provides this program for individuals or groups, on demand.  Please contact us on 1300 665 170 or by email to for a quote.

What’s involved?

The SLP ID Card Training Program is conducted by TransTrain, in a classroom setting and is of up to 4 hours duration. The program covers transfer operations for petroleum products and is a safety induction requirement for access to fuel terminals for loading purposes.

The SLP ID Card Assessment is conducted in a participating Terminal, after the training program. The assessment is conducted under the supervision of an approved SLP terminal person.

Process for achieving or renewing the SLP ID Card


Contact TransTrain and book into a course and to discuss any aspect of the process.  When you book the training program with TransTrain, you pay the training program fee to TransTrain.


Go online at and follow the steps to make application and pay the SLP ID Card fee, upload your photo and register all of your details.  You pay the Application SLP ID Card Fee direct to SLP.


Attend the training course – eg through TransTrain


Book your assessment at the relevant participating terminal


Do your assessment on line at a terminal


Once complete, your SLP ID Card will be sent to you by SLP

You can read more details about what is involved in the SLP Driver ID Card on the SLP website at You will be required to upload a digital photograph of yourself (in jpg format), make payment to SLP for the ID card issue and set up your own password.

When you book your SLP training program with TransTrain, you will be required to pay the training program fee to TransTrain.